Preventive Security for Cash withdrawal Systems

Surveillance of bank self-service foyers with automatic teller machines (ATM)


Self-service cashpoints are widespread and can be found not only in the entrance areas or fitted on to the outer walls of banks.

We monitor and protect your unattended cashpoint machines against burglary and manipulation thus ensuring the safety of individuals withdrawing cash. At the same time this has a positive effect on the image of your business.

Our security services in a nutshell:

  • Surveillance using high resolution HD cameras.
  • Previously defined alerting measures and audio transmission help prevent major losses.
  • Quick reaction times and triggering of emergency calls to the police immediately. At the same time acoustic and optical alarms are activated by specialised control units in order to minimize property damage and ensure that offenders are caught quickly.

Customer Anonymity

Apart from an anonymous object number our security specialists do not possess any information concerning your business.
Emergency calls are triggered by our security staff but are generated automatically from the monitored object itself in order to preserve anonymity. In addition, the transfer of surveillance images to our security centre is carried out according to contractual requirements and tagged with date and time. Thus, undesirable monitoring outside of the agreed service times is prevented.

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